From the Japanese 川 (Kawa), which translates to stream.

A secure reverse proxy creating a marketplace between data producers and data consumers.

Winner of the Diffusion 2019 IOTA stream and Ocean runner up.

What is KawAPI?

Data is the new gold

Data is the new gold, and it's locked behind closed doors in both big industry, and small business, silos. We believe there are industries with large datasets that have non-trivial value, and no easy way to open up these datasets. We'd like to create a way to value and provide access to these datasets, with dynamic pricing based on consumer and producer requirements.

data silo
connected world

A peer-to-peer data marketplace

KawAPI uses IOTA to perform microtransactions for dynamically priced data streams. It consists of a client CLI that securely manages the transactions from your IOTA wallet, and a server that acts as a reverse proxy between the consumer and the producer, to securely provide access to datasets and APIs.

Getting Started


$ kawapi --consume --token 37c1e3be-da52-4f85-b97d-b407639ffe7b --stream molecule

$ curl https://kawapi.io/37c1e3be-da52-4f85-b97d-b407639ffe7b/endpoint/molecule/api/project


$ kawapi --provide -p 3000 --token 5717bc6a-5d2e-4e3b-a1d4-bd67523d270c --stream molecule